Where in the world has Big Boy been? Here’s a glimpse…

Over hill and dale, hither and yon, our home away from home, “the Big Boy” has rolled and rolled and rolled. This links to my facebook “Where in the world is Big Boy?” album. You have to look closely in some of the pics haha

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Rhonda “Re-creates” her life or What’s this blog all about?

Rhonda “Re-creates” her life or What’s this blog all about?.

dream of reinventing your life?

love art, camping, travel?

imagine living off the grid?

We are Rhonda and Ryan and invite you to learn how we are reinventing our lives and trying to make a living along the way.  We invite you to join us

the Big Boy, our adventure mobile!

These will be perfect!

Months ago when I first began to prepare for life in a camper, I stumbled on these brand new baby changing pads in a thrift shop. At the time I didn’t know how I would put them to use but I did know I found them pretty and practical. I stashed them into the bottom of a set of plastic drawers that we brought with and just pulled them out for the first time since. So delighted that I trusted my gut and got them. Wipeable on one side and a thirst soft terry on the other, I think that they will be perfect under my dish drain plus they are so bright and cheerful you’ve got to love ’em.