Where in the world has Big Boy been? Here’s a glimpse…

Over hill and dale, hither and yon, our home away from home, “the Big Boy” has rolled and rolled and rolled. This links to my facebook “Where in the world is Big Boy?” album. You have to look closely in some of the pics haha

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Along the way from Kalispell MT to Lincoln City OR

Stopped to snap some shots a few times as we made our way, in early July, from Kalispell MT (where Ryan’s Mom currently lives and commutes from to her Glacier Ntl Pk Ranger job) to our summer work gig at the Lincoln City KOA on the central coast of Oregon.

We stopped in the dusty little town of Lind WA to stretch our legs and wandered into Slim’s.  Had a couple beers and visited with the locals.

The next day we took a slow easy drive along the Columbia River Gorge.  Quite breathtaking and unusual.

Hope you enjoy.

PUW_5533 PUW_5534 PUW_5536 PUW_5537 PUW_5538 PUW_5539 PUW_5540 PUW_5542 PUW_5546 PUW_5548 PUW_5550 PUW_5551 PUW_5553 PUW_5554 PUW_5556 PUW_5558 PUW_5560 PUW_5561 PUW_5564PUW_5565 PUW_5566 PUW_5567 PUW_5568

the Central Oregon Coast: a photo safari

Our Lincoln City KOA summer work gig allows us considerable free time to explore this beautiful area.  The dramatic cliffs, strong winds and great natural beauty will take your breath away.  Even at the peak of summer it’s jacket weather here; a very different reality for this Florida girl.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse of this quaint and charming coastal region.

PUW_5575 PUW_5576 PUW_5577 PUW_5578 PUW_5581 PUW_5585 PUW_5589 PUW_5590 PUW_5591 PUW_5592 PUW_5595 PUW_5598 PUW_5602 PUW_5608 PUW_5612 PUW_5624PUW_5631PUW_5635PUW_5646PUW_5649PUW_5651PUW_5661PUW_5663PUW_5664 PUW_5619 PUW_5623 

We’ve been marked. That means the clock starts ticking.

As conscientious citizens it’s important to us that we are respectful of local ordinances. We did our research and know that most places in California have a 72 hour allowance (unless marked otherwise). When you see this mark that’s when you know you better be keeping track because someone else is.

We just ran into our new “Neighbor”, Willow and her son Banyon, in the neighborhood grocery store and let her know we’re moving. She was so cute and instantly questioned if someone had complained. We explained that we did not know but would never want to make anyone uncomfortable so it was all good and we so appreciated her welcoming attitude.

No worries, we’ve already found a new spot just a couple blocks away by the civic center here in Seaside. The added plus. The Baptist Church across the street has open Wi-Fi. Sure appreciate that too.

California still has lots of good vibe vibe, good vibrations.

Rhonda “Re-creates” her life or What’s this blog all about?

Rhonda “Re-creates” her life or What’s this blog all about?.

dream of reinventing your life?

love art, camping, travel?

imagine living off the grid?

We are Rhonda and Ryan and invite you to learn how we are reinventing our lives and trying to make a living along the way.  We invite you to join us

the Big Boy, our adventure mobile!

These will be perfect!

Months ago when I first began to prepare for life in a camper, I stumbled on these brand new baby changing pads in a thrift shop. At the time I didn’t know how I would put them to use but I did know I found them pretty and practical. I stashed them into the bottom of a set of plastic drawers that we brought with and just pulled them out for the first time since. So delighted that I trusted my gut and got them. Wipeable on one side and a thirst soft terry on the other, I think that they will be perfect under my dish drain plus they are so bright and cheerful you’ve got to love ’em.