A Christmas Celebration in Bhaktapur Nepal 2017

A mini movie and this time a Ry masterpiece 🤗 capturing the frivolity of last night’s amazing event here at the Hotel de Courtyard. The party was held in wonderful space between the Coffee In Style coffee shop and was a collaborative venture of those two businesses plus a few more. Two kitchens at least were used. 
Over 50 people were expected but it looked to me like the crowd swelled to quite a bit more than that and was an international group. Many locals but I also met guests from Denmark, China and Tibet. The food came out in courses, much like they do in Europe with time in between to savor. The big Tom turkeys were quite unusual for here and a special treat. 

The program was stellar with a beautifully done multifold full color print piece handout offering cultural insights. The many acts displayed fantastic costumes and had the support of festive lighting and a powerful sound system. Great job team! 


Ry and I had extra fun packing a few goodies in my bag to hand out. I’d guide their hand inside and help them pull out a surprise. When those had all been exhausted I resorted to sharing pieces of some garland I bought which really tickled the kids and got them gaily dancing about and waving. 
We had a super time. Hope you’ll take a moment to experience the film. Ryan really captures the night and our part in it. Feel free to share 

click on the BLUE LINK to view on YouTube and subscribe to our channel to not miss future adventures with us HoHoHo! ❤️🎄❤️ 



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