4 years of travel and the road has lead us to Nepal! 

Hello dreamers of the world! As a self proclaimed “global dream champion”, a term I coined when trying to figure out how to explain what the heck I do, I’m reporting on some exciting months that lay ahead.

I’m the kind of person that needs a sense of purpose and needs to feel that I’m helping others to feel contentment and bliss.

I’ve learned this about myself. I love to travel, explore and share insights but to be able to go well beyond that by staying somewhere for an extended period and get involved in projects helping bring others dreams to fruition. now that’s extremely satisfying.

This is My new “home office”, the patio of a coffee shop right in front of our guest house and just steps away from Bhaktapur’s Main Street that leads between two magnificent temple Squares and was the route of the giant wooden chariot pull that Ryan participated in here back in April . There are multiple exciting projects I’ve been asked to help with by one of the most exciting visionaries that I’ve ever met that’s pulled together a team of 13 from around the globe who are deeply vested in it. To say that the goal is to change the world for the better, addressing every key challenge, is in no way an exaggeration.

I’m so honored and fortunate get to take a small part in it. The first project I’ll be focused on is simple in concept yet magnificent in scope. It’s just breaking ground on a mountain top near Pokarah Nepal. It will take quite a bit of doing to communicate the vision, but that’s mostly what my role in this is so look forward to details. Will be ready to throw it down when I get past an intense bout of digestive misery. Worst I’ve had in over 3 months. Was it gluten, dairy or potato? Where, when, how? I have no idea. I try so hard to be careful. Great time to have access to a Western style toilet, TP and the most soothing thing of all, a hot water shower. It’s day three and actually getting worse instead of better. That’s a sign that it will probably take a full week or so to recover. Dang. I’ll be all right but it does leave me weak and a bit beat up. Now if I can just not catch this sore throat, runny nose thing our host and Ryan are suffering with. Have a little fever but otherwise no symptoms of that grunge. Fingers crossed. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

Peace and Love

Rhonda Effron Brown













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