The Creation Station strikes again

When I take a job, I’ve always enjoyed going the extra mile. Here at the KOA when I saw that the primary bulletin board had gotten rather tired, I asked permission to redo it on my off time. The previous focus had been tidbits about many different area attractions but always being marketing minded I saw other opportunity. (Plus that need is already being met with many handouts in the lobby area ) This bulletin board is located right between the men’s and women’s bathrooms. I asked the owners what additional business would they like to attract and they said off-season especially in the fall and spring. I did some research visiting the local Visitors Bureau and speaking to someone from the local Chamber of Commerce and discovered this very innovative promotion that Lincoln City has called “Finders Keepers”. I made that the primary message of the bulletin board and then used novelty and 3-D effects to draw additional attention. The bulletin board encourages current visitors to make reservations for a return trip later on. It was a lot of fun. Everything I used came out of my “Creation Station, our little pull a long trailer. The crabshell is one of several that have been in my art supplies since the late 90s when I picked them up on the beach in Maine. The orange kite was made from a bit of fabric that was a scrap from circus costumes that my girlfriend Heidi Herriott gave me a few years ago. I painted on the back of round glass craft pieces to simulate the floating glass orbs that they hide on the beach here. The owners haven’t seen it yet but I hope that they are happy with it.






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