Cruisin’ in Montana and exploring a little in Whitefish

We spent a couple of weeks in Montana, end of June and early July visiting family and reorganizing some.

This day was exceptionally glorious and called for pulling Ryan’s old ’68 Ford Galaxy 500 Convertible out of storage and taking it for a Flathead Valley spin.  We rolled from Kalispell to Whitefish where we walked around a bit.  A spendy tourist town, the community art project got the biggest part of my attention.  A beautiful ongoing glass public art installation with contributions from kids and adults alike, may it serve to inspire others.

The golden fields I was told, by someone who sounded like they knew, are canola.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

PUW_5210 PUW_5206 pTxnI

PUW_5213 PUW_5219 PUW_5221 PUW_5222 PUW_5223 PUW_5224 PUW_5225 PUW_5226 PUW_5227 PUW_5228 PUW_5230 PUW_5232 PUW_5242 PUW_5192 PUW_5200


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