Heard of Oxnard CA? Vegetarian heaven.

Back mid March found us looking for some automotive help with the Big Boy. It had been stubbornly vibrating around 25 and 45mph despite a variety of changes. My resourceful husband found help through Criag’sList in the form of a Naval gentleman in Oxnard who was a professional mechanic and able to use the base hobby garage in his off time. While he did the this’s and that’s, Ry and I stayed in 3 different places on Mugu base. (beach hotel, base housing now used as temp stay and at the beach campground- all was affordable all was available through our new friend)

This group of pics also shows some of the spectacular coastal scenery and farm lands in the area. Produce is plentiful, beautiful and affordable (tomatoes 3lbs for $1, avacados 15 for $3 for example).

Haven’t heard much nice said about Oxnard but we sure found it to be friendly, charming and considerably more affordable than some of the more famous places nearby.

Oxnard groves, farms, roses, palms.

Oxnard groves, farms, roses, palms.

DSC_0951 DSC_0953 DSC_0958 DSC_0960 DSC_0961 DSC_0963 DSC_0964 DSC_0965 DSC_0981 DSC_0982 DSC_0985 DSC_0987 DSC_0994 DSC_0996 DSC_1000 DSC_1005 DSC_1009 DSC_1018 DSC_1022 DSC_1024 DSC_1025 DSC_1028 DSC_1030 DSC_1037 DSC_1040 DSC_1043 DSC_1044


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