We’ve been marked. That means the clock starts ticking.

As conscientious citizens it’s important to us that we are respectful of local ordinances. We did our research and know that most places in California have a 72 hour allowance (unless marked otherwise). When you see this mark that’s when you know you better be keeping track because someone else is.

We just ran into our new “Neighbor”, Willow and her son Banyon, in the neighborhood grocery store and let her know we’re moving. She was so cute and instantly questioned if someone had complained. We explained that we did not know but would never want to make anyone uncomfortable so it was all good and we so appreciated her welcoming attitude.

No worries, we’ve already found a new spot just a couple blocks away by the civic center here in Seaside. The added plus. The Baptist Church across the street has open Wi-Fi. Sure appreciate that too.

California still has lots of good vibe vibe, good vibrations.


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