Volunteer Organizations put the Unity in Community

What a great word, unity.  To be united.  Together, working towards common cause, part of the group.  Call me a hippie if you want but I’ll sing kumbaya for you all day long if you can convince me that collective effort is not what is best for us, as people, as humans, as family on this earth together.

We are the United States of America.  With all of the craziness and animosity stirring around us I think it’s time for us to step back and reflect on the simple notion of working together towards common cause.

I am extremely proud to be a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs for nearly half of my life.


Our motto: Unity in Diversity

We do not focus on differences.  Clubs across this great land are busy as volunteers working collectively within their comm”unities” to do what they can to help their towns and neighborhoods.  The projects are endlessly diverse and varied in size and scope.  

What they have in common is leaving political differences at the door and working hand in hand.  

Now how American is that?

Don’t let the media circus win and drive wedges of fear and anger between us.  Escape the hype.  Find a group of caring volunteers in your town or start one of your own.  Need ideas for community improvement?  Organizations like mine can help and can offer great tools for leadership development.  

This photo group is from a fundraising event Ryan and I attended all the way on the other side of America from my home club in Orlando.  For many, the quaint and beautiful club house will look familiar as will the historical pictures on the walls.  This small event may not seem like much but I promise you, as a former member of the FL board of directors, it’s the collective efforts of small groups like this that adds up to an amazing positive power.  

I encourage everyone not to withdraw, pull your shades, lock your doors.  But rather, get out there.  Find out for yourself what your town’s challenges and needs are.  You may be surprised to find what is going on right in your own backyard.  

Community Volunteering may not help your bank account but that’s not the most important thing in life anyway.  You’ll make life long friends. You’ll improve community and you will be a great role model for any kids that may be watching.  

So let’s put the “US” back in USA.  Let’s put the Unity in Community.  We are a great nation built on the belief of liberty and justice for all.  So let’s get back to acting like we’re indivisible.  So let’s pledge an allegiance to this republic, this nation that we love.

We are all in this together.




for more information on the General Federation of Women’s Clubs go to http://www.gfwc.org


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