Ojai Mardi Gras 2014 the party getting started

Well, at long last and after much too doo including a day of set up in nonstop rain, the 24th annual Ojai Mardi Gras celebration arrived last Saturday March 1st then continued on with family fun at the Fais Do Do the following day.  These photos are of the early evening on Saturday as revelers arrived and looked about then on into the night as we all enjoyed an evening of perfect weather, great music, fun dancing and lots of friend making.  The background was filled with the fun decorations we helped make and the town streamed in by the hundreds.  It was the masquerade party I’ve always wanted to go to.  We got in for free because of our volunteer participation but the $20-25 ticket price and themed concessions were all reasonable and for a good cause.  Come back for more pictures of the next day’s family festivities and riding around in the big fish art car throwing beads to Ojai.  Chalk this up to one of our most memorable Mardi Gras’ ever!


tonight calls for the donning of the adventure boots!


most of my costume I found in a bag of stuff I bought after halloween for 90%off at kmart- added a hanging flashing LED light under my skirt that broadcast lighting effects across the floor. Ry wore his pants I got him at the goodwill on Haight in San Fran last spring along with his “Jesus Jacket” we found 2nd hand in NM several years ago and a headpiece loaned by a co-volunteer made out of a metal cornucopia adorned with glowing el-wire and beads he decorated it with


here’s the fish art car that comes to Burning Man and will become the singular “float” in the next day’s Mardi Gras parade


overhead decoration that was the focal point you saw when arriving inside the Ojai Art Center where the event was held- it depicts the library at the Wizard of Odd University (this year’s theme). Ry and I helped come up with and paint on titles of the books. I painted the dragon too. They gave us the library book shelf cardboard decorations after the event and we’re incorporating them into the Big Boy decor


I painted this guys face hahah


ready to shake a tail feather



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