The Hut since 1942 – Proud to be an American

A few weeks ago curiosity pulled me into this corner neighborhood bar by the ear (this was when it was just me and my backpack)

there were about 5 locals bellowing at each other and laughing up a storm

I hung out a few hours, made a few friends and learned that if somebody buys the house a round everybody gets a little Dixie cup with Hut written on the bottom.  awwww

In Meiner's Oak area I think.  Just off hwy 33 a little out of Ojai CA

In Meiner’s Oak area I think. Just off hwy 33 a little out of Ojai CA

DSC_0271 DSC_0274

I’d be remiss at some level if I didn’t share a little about a dude that calls himself Danger.  Yep, you  heard it right.  We got into a political debate that I just didn’t seem to be able to let go.  He started it!  Sorry.   But he did.  When he started on the problem with America today was liberalism I lost my reticence skills that I’ve been working on.

That’s just too broad a brush!

What the heck is that even supposed to mean?

We ended up friends but there was some tossing and turning in between.   If I’m in a discussion with someone and they throw out some broad sweeping judgement or stand, it just doesn’t feel right to nod and just smile tolerantly.  Nope, then we gotta talk turkey.  The main points I was gnawing to make (and did) was that the fear mongering, trouble making types that are broadly being listened to for “entertainment” are not good for our nation.

Pushing people apart and creating wedges so large that it has become exceedingly challenging just to have a civil conversation with someone of a different political leaning, that’s not good.

And it’s definitely not patriotic.   We did agree on this.  The American psyche is being manipulated and it’s not in our best interest.

A big part of this rollin’ along dream for me is having these kinds of discussions with folks.  If we can just talk long enough to become friends and have honest open discussions we’ll find we have much in common.  That there may be points we disagree on.  That’s ok!  It’s America.  This is where you are entitled to your own opinion.

Liberty and Justice for All  (freedom, the right to a fair trial where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and yeah,everyone)


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