More Ojai Mardi Gras Merriment


Ryan’s painting in a Band of Wizards. How fitting is that?! He’s not giving himself much credit for his great color choices and layering to create dimension but it looks totally fabulous.

The excitement is building as the big event approaches. (the weekend of March 1st).  The “Krewe of Fools” has made us feel so welcome and appreciated.  

They meet 4 times a week!  The art director, Lucy, has been present at all the gatherings we’ve attended so far and Christopher and his wife are graciously lending the use of their “saloon out back”.  Christopher busily sanded on the head of a mannequin yesterday and I’m not sure WHAT’s in store for her but look forward to seeing.  


Finished my dragon yesterday. They have fun supplies on hand like metallic paints and glitter. Very fun. I free hand drew him which explains why his tummy appears to be floating in the air. But I am pretty happy with how his face turned out.

They are an animated and friendly group.   A joy to hang with.  We listen to classical music and chat as we create.  Yesterday the topic was primarily shoe string travel.  The collective experience of the group was impressive and helpful as I have my heart quite set on eventually extending this journey of ours to the far reaches of the planet.  


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