Recreating my life means taking the show on the road. Today it’s Staging a business with plants

When we set off from Orlando on this Great Adventure there were no certainties.  Not where we were going nor what we were going to do when we got there, wherever there was.

What I did know was that between the two of us, Ryan and I, we had quite a wide variety of skills and knowledge.

It’s been great fun finding opportunities to trade for what we need while helping different businesses along the way.

The project that we’re currently engaged in involves a small but excellent “Mom Pop” sports bar/pizza, subs, wings joint here in Ojai CA.  The owner Robert, is extending us every hospitality he can think of while we do whatever we can to help.

Now the third day in, I’m busy coming up with ways to get more of the drive by traffic to stop in.  The small town of Ojai is extremely quaint and appealing.  That’s not just because of it’s natural beauty but also in very large part to the rather strict town codes.  

They are very careful what businesses they “let in” which is why there are very limited franchisees in town.  There are extremely limiting policies on how businesses can visually self promote.  I’ve downloaded and read the comprehensive town codes down to the balloon and banner limitations.  Oh my.  

While these rules do make for an adorable main street they also make it quite challenging for a small business to attract customers.


This is what we’re starting with. He’s already been told to remove the sandwich board.

What we CAN do is add some POP with plants.  I was excited to find out that Robert already had some large oval galvanized containers.  My plan is to spend some time learning what plants will give him the most visual presence, color and appeal with the least amount of ongoing maintenance.  We intend to run the two containers perpendicular to the building to help define either end of the patio space and make the whole front more attractive and appealing.

This is a project that excites me and an area of focus that I do have considerable experience with.  Off to find out what kinds of plants love this dry mountain air.  At this moment I’m leaning towards birds of paradise, geraniums and vining petunias but we’ll see what some of the area experts say 🙂

 I’ll let you know how it turns out!  



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