Making some Mardi Gras Magic in Ojai CA!

A week or so ago I was hanging in a local taco shop when I guy came in asking to hang up a Mardi Gras poster.  Being from Mardi Gras country (I grew up in Pensacola FL), I had to ask for a closer look!  What a great fun poster!



Soon Christopher and I were chatting up a storm and he invited me to join artistic forces with “the Krewe of Fools” who are the enthusiastic group who put on this charitable event and work tirelessly hand making decorations and more.  


The Krewe of Fools does their Mardi Gras decoration making at Christopher’s house and this is the mutant vehicle parked in his driveway that greeted us on our arrival


This is Christopher showing Ryan some of the finer details he’s working on to perfect his mutant vehicle. Built for Burning Man, it will soon double as a visual advertisement for the Mardi Gras celebration on March 1st


The wizard library under construction. That’s Lucy the art director on the left.


Don’t miss the eye balls made out of Chinese woven hats on the back wall. So many great paints, brushes and more for us to play with.

Ryan and I spent our second afternoon today helping them with decorations.  The theme is the Wizards of Odd.  Last time we worked on coming up with and drawing in titles on books in the Wizard’s library.


meet my dragon!


Today I painted a dragon.  Lucy, the event art director had asked me last time if I wanted to and I squealed with glee.  But then when it came down to actually drawing one I suffered considerable trepidation and decided to save the challenge for today.  Once I got going with an outline it got easier and I’m pretty happy with it.  Not quite done.  It will get some glitter and an outline on Wednesday.

The lady next to me in the picture is Shannon and she was so wonderfully encouraging.

This event has probably determined the minimal length of time we’ll stay in Ojai because we’ve GOT to see how this Mardi Gras Ball turns out!

Having fun and making friends in Ojai 🙂


3 thoughts on “Making some Mardi Gras Magic in Ojai CA!

    • Right?! Me too! They added a banner to it and are using it next to the main street for the now as an advertisement for the Mardi Gras fest 🙂 Christopher, the primary creator told me a story about once when it was at Burning Man and got into a big hide and seek on the playa with a giant fishing boat hahah


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