Do you know what a “Westy” is? Meet Karen. She does!

Westfalia.  If you know you know.

I knew some but not much, then I met Karen.



Ok, that’s not Karen but it is her Westy mascot of sorts.

Karen and her Mom from Wisconsin, Beverly, were staying at the Capri Hotel the other night and we meet in the lobby.  A now long time resident of LA who works A/C for Fox Studios, Karen had originally intended to take her mom on a camping getaway in Ojai for part of her visit.  When she started looking around online she stumbled upon a Groupon deal for the hotel that changed her mind.

When she heard my story about our camper “the Big Boy”, she started excitedly telling me about her “Westy”, Westfalia Van (for modern versions see here:

She offered to give me a “tour” and that’s what I’m sharing with you.  Her initial purchase set her back about 11K and she’s put that much into it again she said but boy oh boy is it cool.  After all the work and learning curve we’ve gone through getting our make shift transport van to camper conversion, I could really appreciate many things this vehicle had to offer.  Extreme space efficiency, versatile appliances with 12V elec, solar and propane all involved.  

She turned me on to a California that specializes in parts and accessories that I just may have to go check out just to satisfy my curiosity.  

Seeing this very cool mini camper/home charmed me but at the end of the day I’m still very happy with our “Big Boy”.  We’re still compact enough to fit most places yet still you can stand up straight and we have lots more storage than a van like this.  Love it though.

Go Westy!  You’re cool.  Thanks Karen for sharing 🙂





here Karen is showing me an adaptor she can use to add more “cigarette lighter” style power sources


she added this little mandala to her decor just because it matched so well


here’s her Wisconsin midwestern farm girl side showing with her Packers dice alongside her California crystal and a special stone


this “Westy” is a 90’s version I think she said. For info on what they’re making now:





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