Where will the Ojai Trolley take me? I rode it and found out.

How would you like to live somewhere where you could hop on a trolley every half hour and scoot around pretty much anywhere in town for a buck?  As many times as you like in one day for $2?  Well folks, welcome to Ojai, California.  That’s their reality.

Not only is the town sitting squarely on the edge of a national forest, just a short drive to the pacific, absolutely riddled with hiking and horse trails through hillsides and around all types of citrus, olive and nut groves but it also has these absolutely awesome trolleys scooting about.

No fumbling with a machine either.  You just stuff your buck in the clear tubey thing and away you go.  The windows even open so you can hang your head out like a golden retriever and take it all in.  Which of course I had to do!

The convenient ride rolls right through the downtown with its picturesque arched arcade shopping district and lovely tower above the post office.  Past rows of traditional buildings in Ojai style then right on through the surrounding neighborhoods.  Well used by locals, there is a wonderful variety of people climbing on and off.

Sadly, the area is suffering a horrific drought and the effects are clearly evident all around but despite that, Ojai continues to be breathtakingly beautiful on so many levels.  Here are the shots I got this morning as I set out on my Ojai explore and photo safari.  I had no destination in mind.  Just hopped off when I liked the looks of it.  Could have been any of the stops because it’s all pretty and interesting here!


the Ojai California Trolley is just a buck or $2 for a full day pass



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