Seeing some amazing sights in Ojai CA

Ever heard of Ojai CA?  I must confess that until very recently it was totally unfamiliar and I was calling it “ojay”  but it’s pronounced “ohiii”.  Like Ohio, lose the last O.

Evidently there are a lot of others who have heard of it and like to come here.  The commerce section of town runs mostly along a main strip that’s quite easy the walk the length of.  But none the less, there’s a cute shiny trolley running back and forth down the length of it all day.  I’m not sure if they are telling the passengers anything as they ride along but you bet I’ll know before I leave.

Today I experienced three great visual treats.

  • a partial exploring of the grounds of the Blue Iguana Inn, it’s charming front office and pieces of local art for sale (they also feature the works of local talents in the hotel rooms and do occasionally sell pieces- these artists are not “giving their art away”  these gourd pieces ran around $200- very fun and whimsical- I loved them
  • a tour of the personal home of a friend of my friend, Stephanie (whom I met randomly earlier this year while on a different adventure)  This lady has a great passion for horses like Stephanie does. They are close friends who enjoy the outdoors a lot together hiking about in the beautiful surrounding hillsides and riding their horses wildly and free.  Her husband is an architect and mother in-law an artist who works in vivid gorgeous colors (you’ll see her work in the form of paintings in these pics)  This house knocked my socks off.  These rooms are not staged.  This is how they live.  The views, the oneness with the nature around it, the outdoor living spaces.  It was just really really breathtaking.  Oh, and the workmanship, the creative and extremely unique architectural details, the colors, the textures.  Oh oh oh and the art, the art the art and the wood.  The wood that you had to run your hand along.  Truly a remarkable and warm home. Very special.
  • a jeep drive about through the stunning Ojai Botanical Gardens by the gentleman who is its caretaker and its proponent (and also Stephanie’s friend’s dad).  His quest?  To ensure its accessibility to the public.  Who do you think that statement lit up?

It was another wonderful day of discovery.  I hope you enjoy the view.  I sure did.




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