went Mac ‘n won’t go back unless…

After several years of PC disappointments, crashes, tons of waster money, lots of data loss and sizable frustrations, I gave in to the hype and got a mac.  

That was 9 years ago!

I started with the mini, then got an iPhone, then got a lap top and now have the macbook Air.  This is what I said to the company just now after the instant and super support chat I just had with them online (I’m always learning and they’re always there to help)

“I love apple, apple support and all of my products.  I advocate for the company enthusiastically.  As far as I’m aware, not only do you provide me with all of these great things but appear to take the “high road” as a company.  The only thing that could change my mind at this point would be a huge decline in service or what appears to me to be major bad choices based on “corporate greed”.  thank you for asking”

I am sharing this not because I know for a fact that Apple has always taken the high road nor have I done any research but I am encouraging us all to let corporations know that there are consumers who do care more about the greater good than their own pocketbook or experiences.  If we want businesses to do the “right things” we need to tell them that it matters to us!  

I wouldn’t go throwing my devices off a cliff or anything if I found out otherwise about Macintosh but it would definitely effect how much and how highly I talk about and recommend the company.  In my experience, (which is sizable because I’ve taken advantage of their one-to-one service and customer support as often as possible) I generally get great advice, superb service and amazingly dependable devices.  Are they more expensive on the front end?  Absolutely.  Worth it in the long run?  I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth and then some. 


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