One Voice for Children!

SEE BELOW FOR A LINK TO A PBS ARTICLE THAT WILL BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY! The GFWC ORLANDO JUNIOR WOMAN’S CLUB is part of an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. The General Federation of Women’s Clubs- GFWC, does meaningful volunteer community service around the globe. In the mid 90’s, the FL “junior branch” adopted an ongoing statewide project (under the leadership of my friend lGail Hill Smith) called One Voice for Children. Clubs across the state continue to service the needs of children in their communities, as well as around the globe as they see fit.   This morning while researching online about various topics of concern and interest to me, I stumbled on this article which I greatly hope you’ll take a moment to look at and be inspired by. I find it very exciting and comforting to see global efforts based on love (not control with an underlying agenda) growing. This effort is also called One Voice (as are many others now)   America’s women’s clubs have often been way ahead of the curve in recognizing community needs and developing leaders to help address them. Congratulations Gail Hill Smith on your vision!!   Let’s all come together with One Voice for Children. They are our collective future. for information on how to learn more or get involved in Orlando (they meet in the downtown area on S Orange Ave) – go to to find what’s near you go to this is the amazing article I found!… Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.42.41 AM children-around-the-world


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