I can see Catalina Island!

The last few days I’ve spent in Dana Point CA with my in-laws who are house and pet sitting (Ry is in Ariz with a cousin who’s helping with some repairs on the Big Boy).  The townhouse where I’m staying is quite luxurious.  It’s up on a hill with a balcony looking out towards the Pacific.  The scenic overlook is quite breathtaking but until today was too hazy to see what became quite apparent today.  The Catalina Island is looming on the horizon!  Wow.

The four terrier “children” who live here at quite spirited and a bit difficult requiring pretty constant attention.  We’re breaking away for a  little bit in a few minutes though to go see the famous Mission at Capistrano, the legendary migration stop for the cliff swallows.  While they have not been as predictable in recent years, the mission is none the less supposed to be quite an amazing place to visit.



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