Jane Pauley this morning on CBS News Sunday Morning “I’m not just seeing the world. I’m noticing it.”

Jan 12, 2014
Did you happen to catch this morning’s interview of Jane Pauley? I’ve never been one to pay much attention honestly to TV stars and the like. News anchors, the same holds true. But as I casually watched Jane Pauley’s career roll out in the background of my morning, it slowly pulled me in until I was glued.

She sounded so much like me. Not where her life journey has taken her in the past but where her now and future want to go (and are going!). She described finding people and telling their stories in the hopes of inspiring others. Help others ease into their golden years replacing fear with excitement. How cool is that?

My purpose that I’m aspiring to does not have that clear a focus. Ryan and I are taking the stories and adventures as they come. Rollin’ with it as they say and the more we do it the happier it is making me.

For a full three months now we’ve been traveling and living nomadically, taking each day as it comes with as little planning as possible. I find it hard to believe that I could be happier. My new year’s resolutions mostly have to do with taking the time necessary to document. I’m doing pretty well at keeping my camera at the ready. I’ll keep working at trying to write down what I’m learning, seeing and doing.

So I want to thank Jane Pauley for what she’s doing and for sharing.

Go Jane go!

(look closely at this picture that I took on Long Beach CA last week. You’ll notice not just a cool brightly painted little public stage but someone’s “home” set up on the far left end)


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