So you want a yard that sells but now what? Staging the Yard: a Success Story

So you want a yard that sells but now what? Staging the Yard: a Success Story

Stagers help Sellers. How? We visualize. We can see your property through a buyer’s eyes and can prepare it for a fast and successful sale.

Here’s a little insight on things to consider when Staging a yard. Need help? That’s what I do.

So you want a yard that sells but now what?

Potential buyers will appreciate an outdoor environment that invites relaxation. A place that they can imagine themselves looking forward to coming home to.

The best way to achieve this is to make sure your yard is freshly groomed and mulched and to create comfortable and charming seating areas that attract attention. I like to use color.

This yard is spacious and full of lots of tropical foliage. Unfortunately, at the time of listing, this landscape is still about a month away from a big spring growth spurt. This leaves our before picture looking very drab and not at all inviting.

There was also a considerable amount of garden furniture and pots around. All of the items that I used, the seller had on hand with the exception of a few annuals to give the needed “pop”.

I pulled together a colorful seating arrangement in the far back corner adding not only visual interest but also a greater sense of depth in the photo. I put yellow and orange marigolds in an old cracked blue bird bath and added a shepherd’s hook with a wind chime. The brilliant adirondack double chair was awkwardly cramped on the screened in porch.

In the foreground, I added the bright arrangement at the bottom of the giant beautiful oak. note: use focal points to draw attention to your property’s assets.

It was important to me that this burst of color could catch your attention all the way from when you first walk in the front door. (I’ll tell you more about this when I share the before and afters from the foyer).

To get as much strength to the color as possible in the photos, I took the after picture very early in the morning when the lighting was still soft.

This home just went under contract (within a week of listing)!

I’m Rhonda Effron Brown and I Stage Homes to sell faster and for more money in Orlando FL. You can contact me: (407) 234-1329 or


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